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  • Data: 2023-02-21
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Internet start-up with global potential is looking for financing for development

My name is Szymon Wojciechowski, I am the founder and owner of NEXOS Group. It is a parent company that will be responsible for associating subsidiaries. We want to start our business with our two products: MyWall and VidWall. Our team consists of 4 people - me and 3 IT students, working on the project in return for employment. Currently, our work is fully financed from my funds. Up to 8 months until the products / services are completed so that they can enter the market in an early version, with the assumed financing. Below is a description of the products.

MyWall - A social networking site for individuals, all businesses and public sectors, designed to share life moments, advertise, or notify the community. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all rolled into one. Unlike the competition, the portal will be slower, with much more age categories, a different algorithm, and a general tendency to better adapt to community requirements (we don't want to reveal details because of the competition).
VidWall - a service similar to YouTube, Twich. Here, too, the age criteria will be extended, a different algorithm, the creators will be able to create what they want, not what the portal tells them, also greater freedom (we do not want to reveal details because of the competition).

We are looking for funds to be able to rent an office, purchase appropriate computer equipment that will be able to meet the hardware requirements of the products. Also hire specialists who will do the things we cannot do.

The seat of NEXOS Group Polska, I would like to establish either in Wrocław - a dynamically developing city, a large market of employees and companies with whom to cooperate, good internet connection for services.

Business model
Internet activities - advertisements, subscriptions giving additional options in services, micro-transactions

Marketing and PR To make the brand recognizable in the shortest possible time, we will use web creators, "steal" their competitors (we want to use influencer marketing). The rest of the activities depend on the resources we will have.

I hope that you are interested, more information privately.

Informacje podstawowe

  • informatyka
  • internet
  • marketing, reklama, media
  • rozrywka, rekraacja
  • telekomunikacja
  • usługowa -inna
  • usługi dla ludności
  • usługi dla firm
  • dolnośląskie
Miasto Wrocław
Obszar działalności Międzynarodowy
Stopień zaawansowania Startup
Wysokość poszukiwanego kapitału (od-do) 1000000 zł - 99999999 zł
Typ inwestora Finansowy
Przewidywana stopa zwrotu/rentowność 5%
Procent udziałów do negocjacji
Czy jest biznes plan Brak
Możliwość udziału niepieniężnego Nie

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