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Self-sufficient / Ecological / Modern City - City of the Future

A big problem in creating modern and ecological cities in cities is outdated infrastructure (in every sense: roads, power lines, water supply, sewage, gas pipelines, internet network, etc.), and above all buildings that cannot be demolished. Therefore, in our opinion, it is best to build them from scratch in e.g. small town and village areas, not far from larger agglomerations. We cannot hide that we are a country that pollutes Europe very much. That is why the creation of such a city in Poland may have a strategic location when it comes to possible EU subsidies and various "Eco-Funds" of this type and cooperation to improve the environment. It is absurd to say that electric vehicles are renewable, since most of the electricity comes from fossil fuels that pollute the environment. So we won't focus on everyone having such a vehicle. In particular, that we do not have such links to electrify e.g. agricultural machinery, long-distance transport or construction machinery, generally heavy machinery. Another problem is that nationwide production counts in most countries, and for example in Estonia cities are separate "countries" and there is an emphasis on cities and regions not being dependent on each other. Of course, we are not able to produce everything ourselves, so this is a large "Self-sufficient" generalization.

These types of projects that are planned or in early implementation can be found especially in South and East Asia. So it would be the first such project in Europe. This is particularly important because Europe is the biggest pollution in the world and in the near future there may not be enough space to reconcile agricultural production with a growing population. From the yard it cannot be said that these are cities but large development investments, where schools, shops and many other public buildings are also built in the housing estates.

We plan to implement this project in the eastern part of Poland, in Wojciechów, 20 km from Lublin (Lubelskie Province). This is an underdeveloped area, quite flat, and in particular the cost of implementing the investment (in those pages you can buy plots cheaply and generally build all kinds of buildings). The city has a good location in relation to the Polish capital Warsaw - 180 km, also good road infrastructure. Very nice area and many tourist attractions. Nearby access to the Vistula. There are large deposits of water in these areas. And the soils are very fertile.

We will manage the entire city and deal with as many things as possible. We want to import Polish and foreign companies in order to create cooperation aimed at creating jobs for residents.

The city will be powered only from renewable energy sources, e.g. Solar - a large roof area will allow the location of solar panels, wind - numerous agricultural areas will allow wind turbines to be placed on them, biogas / biofuel - organic residues, animal droppings and silage.

We have developed the structure and operation of the company. To learn more about activities and structure, please write.

We have developed marketing activities and we want to allocate half of it, initially we want to focus on finding cooperation (workplaces, contractors, modern solutions and building materials), on professional project presentation (mock-ups, multimedia presentations, presenting the project to the world in the sense of interviews and various conversations on this subject), conversation with the voivodship self-government. We want people to feel part of this venture. We must show them that this is not a scam and a scam, and that we are not afraid of cameras, they must be up to date with progress and have influence on them (people's opinions and ideas will be important to us).

This is an early phase for the time being, because without our own contribution we cannot fight for any funding and we cannot afford e.g. buying land or starting any work. We are looking for a private investor, capital group or people who will be able to help us in the implementation of the project. We want to get Start-Up status as soon as possible.

All conditions are negotiable.

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